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Tan France: Monday April 10 | The Jennifer Hudson Show

Jennifer welcomes 7-year-old viral dancer Eseniia Mikheeva from Atlanta, GA to perform. Eseniia, who is joined with her father Alex, has always loved to dance and recently moved to the U.S. from Russia with her family.

Jennifer welcomes viral “Scarlet Takes A Tumble” viral star Paige Reynolds from Birmingham, AL. In 2008, long before TikTok challenges and Instagram trends, one video captivated the masses, showing a woman— who, by the video’s title, was presumed to be named Scarlet— on top of a coffee table in heels, belting a song. Halfway through the ballad, she falls off the table, and lays on the floor for a while before heading to the door and telling the camera, “that hurt.” Now, 15 years after the video first went live, “Scarlet” has reemerged.

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