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Jennifer Hudson and the entire team can’t wait to look you upside the head!

To join in the fun at JHud’s House, just click on your preferred date and fill out the required details. The sooner you make a selection, the sooner we’ll see you on the dance floor. (Yes! There’s a JHud audience dance floor!)

Read our frequently asked questions.

Enjoy PHOTOS of the audience having a blast!

September 2023
Monday, August 28
Tuesday, August 29
Wednesday, August 30
Thursday, August 31
Friday, September 1
Monday, September 4
Tuesday, September 5
Wednesday, September 6
Thursday, September 7
Friday, September 8
Monday, September 11
Tuesday, September 12
Wednesday, September 13
fully booked
Thursday, September 14
fully booked
Friday, September 15
no show
Monday, September 18
fully booked
Tuesday, September 19
no show
Wednesday, September 20
fully booked
Thursday, September 21
fully booked
Friday, September 22
no show
Monday, September 25
fully booked
Tuesday, September 26
no show
Wednesday, September 27
fully booked
Thursday, September 28
fully booked
Friday, September 29
no show
September 2023