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Pentatonix: Monday, October 16, 2023 | The Jennifer Hudson Show

Pentatonix promote their tour and album, “Pentatonix: The Greatest Christmas Hits.”
Jennifer welcomes WRCB affiliate anchor couple Cornelia Nicholson and Riley Nagel from Chattanooga, TN, whose on-air proposal video went viral. Cornelia was recording promos when her boyfriend, Riley, asked for her hand in marriage in a proposal designed to mirror a news segment.
Jennifer welcomes Holliday’s Helping Hands founder Katina Holiday “Miss Holliday” from Los Angeles, CA. The nonprofit organization helps LA County’s general unhoused population and young mothers released from incarceration get back on their feet. Holliday’s Helping Hands also teaches individuals the skill set needed to thrive on their own and become productive members of society.

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