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Ms. Pat: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 | The Jennifer Hudson Show

Ms. Pat promotes “Ms. Pat Settles It” and comedy tour “Ya Girl Done Made It.”
Jennifer welcomes viral dancer 6-year-old Salome Rivas (“Baby Salo”) from Miami, FL, who is known for her videos dancing to Latin music, especially reggaeton. Originally from Venezuela, several of the biggest Latin music stars have reposted Salome, including Karol G.
Jennifer welcomes professor and The Princess Within Foundation founder Dr. Bernada Baker, and her 6-year-old daughter Bella Baker, from Houston, TX. In 2017, Bernada moved to the Houston area from Chicago, and shortly after, Hurricane Harvey hit. Bernada helped with recovery efforts and raised money to help a displaced dad and his baby daughter, Bella. She saw Bella’s dad needed support and her father recognized he couldn’t provide Bella the life she deserved. Bernada offered to adopt her and says adopting Bella has changed her life in the best way possible.

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