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Jackée Harry Extended Interview | The Jennifer Hudson Show

Jackée Harry and Jennifer Hudson chat about their first meeting in 2019 during “Live in Front of a Studio Audience,” and Jackée reminisces about why she was “hating on” Jennifer and had to check her ego. Jackée recalls becoming the first Black woman to win an Emmy Award for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “227” in the ‘80s and what little she remembers from that historic night. The comedian admits why she didn’t want to star in the hit sitcom, “Sister, Sister,” revealing she wanted to be a serious actor and didn’t want to be anyone’s mom. Jackée also talks about how her current role on “Days of Our Lives” was written specifically for her and how Marla Gibbs, who plays her mother on the show, called her in the middle of the night to ask her the meaning of “WAP.” Plus, Jackée shares that she’s not looking for love and confesses her celebrity crush on actor Dave Bautista.

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