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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Extended Interview | The Jennifer Hudson Show

Social media star and Silk Nextmilk ambassador Brooklyn Peltz Beckham joins Jennifer on the couch and talks about why he adopted his wife’s maiden name, sharing he wants a big family of “Peltz Beckham” children. He discusses how his wife, Nicola, likes the temperature to be as high as 87 degrees, wearing multiple layers and fluffy socks to bed. Then, the star reveals that he has between 80-100 tattoos, showing off the latest of his wife’s portrait and the lyrics of the song she walked down the aisle to on his arm. Plus, Brooklyn talks about his “throuple” friendship with Nicola and Selena Gomez and how they get along very well. Finally, Brooklyn discusses how he has been enjoying making cooking videos and trying new cuisines, sharing it’s his dream to open an English pub.

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